The cube light

230,00 TTC

Cubic concrete and metal luminaire with removable and modular elements

This collection of architectural inspiration, of which I present to you at Dari Darkom the side tables and the The Cube floor lamp, is the result of a rereading and a mix between the moucharabieh (key element of Arab-Andalusian architecture) and the tatami (for Japanese architecture).
The small concrete elements that form its geometric planes, its clean lines, the play of full and empty and the play of light and shadow like the moucharabiehs, are the main guidelines of this collection.
Similarly, the ratio of forms, their assembly and modular arrangement, comes later to assemble in the manner of a tatami, this traditional floor covering of Japanese living rooms.
Thus this collection offers you furniture not only to compose but above all to appropriate.
You can, according to your desires, compose a personalized lighting atmosphere by removing or replacing the various removable elements of the Cube.

Poids 4,5 kg



Concrete + steel + Epoxy paint


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