Our story: Daridarkom

Lamia Cherif is a woman entrepreneur, she is at the
head of a luxury textile factory. Installed in France,
more precisely in Toulouse. She travels a lot
between his two countries.
Attracted by what is beautiful, she is passionate about
the craftsmanship of his country. Traditional handicrafts, handicrafts
of art and also the new creators who explore
new forms and techniques by drawing on the past.
Because indeed, Tunisia benefits from a very
rich in the subject and since the revolution, we are witnessing the
birth of a new wave of creators. True
MOVIDA TOUSIYA. Wanting to share his passion with his
entourage, she created DARI DARKOM in 2018. (My house
is your home.) An online sales website for articles
carefully selected by her! objects, jewelry,
accessories, fabrics to discover in his house
Virtual. Lamia will be your guide, your adviser,
the explorer, the expert who shares her discoveries and her
In this period of crisis and gloom, it is good to
warm to shades of bright colors, fabrics
generous and other Mediterranean flavors. Not
amazing that the oriental style of the years is returning to the
fashion. What could be more legitimate to present this art of
live, in situ. In a house that opens up to others, where
everything is to be discovered and taken away…
At DARI DARKOM, whether you are looking
authenticity, creativity, or traditional
revisited. Lamia Cherif will guide you, inspire you and
will tell you what Tunisian craftsmanship does best.
Prepare for a journey in search of unearthed objects
by her and to discover their 1001 stories.

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